Exclusive Listings

What is an Exclusive listing? 
*A contract made with your real estate agent where your property does not hit the MLS - Essentially an exclusivity agreement.

Why would you sign an exclusive listing?
*Sometimes you're not quite "List Ready" & you'd like to do a test drive and see how many "qualified buyers" are truly out there without exposing it to the MLS
*You may know 10 real estate agents and not know how to pick just "one" of them
*There may be an agent who specializes in the certain area or type of property and knows a Buyer/Buyer's agent looking for the exact product.
*Buyers tend to pay a premium price for "Off Market" Inventory
*Sometimes you don't want your neighbours to know that moving is on your mind, just yet.
*It's nice to get to know an agent and see how the working relationship transpires prior to exposing your property. 

Is my property Marketed at all with an Exclusive Listing?
*Yes, depending on the type of property and what is agreed as the best strategy.

Off market opportunities are key, especially in a changing market like this one.